A Very Melo Christmas 2016

The Carmelo Anthony Foundation celebrated it’s 8th annual A Very Melo Christmas Event with a screening of Sing. A Very Melo Christmas is an annual holiday program that rewards 250 deserving middle school students who strive to “Be More” in their family or community with the opportunity to hang out with Melo for a few hours at a local venue. The Be More attitude is defined as the determination to be more than the world around you dictates.

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Red Hook Court Dedication

Carmelo Anthony's passion is giving back to his community. This is one of many courts Carmelo has donated, but the first in his home town of Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. This was an especially meaningful day for Melo.

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Carmelo gives back to his community of Red Hook and Coney Island and shares gifts with the families effected by Hurricane Sandy.