Hurricane Sandy Relief

After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Carmelo had his childhood community of Red Hook and Coney Island in mind. Anthony shared gifts with the families living there during the storm and helped those affected.

Youth Development Center

The Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center was created through a partnership between Living Classrooms Foundation, the Carmelo Anthony Foundation, and the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.

A native Baltimorean, Carmelo Anthony contributed over $1.5 million to reopen the Youth Development Center, a 29,000 square foot facility located in East Baltimore. The Carmelo Anthony Youth Development Center responds to the community’s need for intervention that supports the academic and social development of disadvantaged youth.

The program provides services in five core areas: Education and Career Development, Character and Civic Development, Health and Life Skills, The Arts and Cultural Enrichment, and Sports and Recreation.

Carmelo K. Anthony Center

A state of the art practice and training facility on the campus of Syracuse University. Loyal and committed to the communities that have shaped his life, Melo presented a grant to the University for the construction of the facility. His donation is the largest contribution by a current professional athlete to his former school.