Carmelo Anthony’s Plan to Give His Community a Jump Start

The infamous NY Knicks star and his family started the Carmelo Anthony Foundation to initiate positive change in the Latino community and to inspire hope.

Born in Brooklyn, Carmelo Anthony and grew up playing basketball in Baltimore. He remembers what it was like living in communities without many resources.

“I want to plant seeds in those places,” says Anthony, who, in addition to earning headlines for heroics in the NBA also helps refurbish and build basketball courts for underprivileged kids. “We work to identify the needs in the areas of education, community outreach and recreation in underserved areas.”

Creating a team

Academic achievement is important in Latino communities. Anthony partnered with the Living Classrooms Foundation, the Carmelo Anthony Foundation and the Housing Authority of Baltimore City to reopen the Youth Development Center—one of many ways he gives back.

The power forward is proud of his heritage. For him, being Latino means strength, perseverance and pride. “You can’t really share who you are with the world ignoring the pieces that make up who you are as an individual,” he explains.

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